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George Soros, an 87-year old Holocaust survivor, commenting on a wave of nationalist sentiment challenging the freedom and liberty he's long promoted:

I’m proud of my enemies. When I look at the enemies I have all over the world, I must be doing something right.

George Soros

The Washington Post reports that Soros's New York-based Open Society Foundations spends $940 million a year in 100 countries, promoting values such as free speech and free elections.

In the United States, the Open Society spends $150 million a year financing groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood. Soros plans to spend at least $15 million on 2018 campaigns.

On May 31, 2018, President Trump pardoned Dinesh D’Souza, a conservative author, commentator and filmmaker. Here are some of D'Souza's comments related to to the Holocaust:

On Twitter (August 24, 2017): “YES, REALLY: George Soros, who now funds violent “anti-fascist” groups in America, confiscated the property of Jews for Hitler during WWII.” This statement is totally inaccurate as this post demonstrates.


The Allegation

On May 29, 2018, In an exchange with Chelsea Clinton, Roseanne Barr accused George Soros of being a Nazi “who turned in his fellow Jews 2 be murdered in German concentration camps & stole their wealth.

The Facts

Niraj Chokshi writing for The New York Times:

The assertions about Mr. Soros that appeared throughout Ms. Barr’s timeline are baseless. Even the conservative National Review, while critical of Mr. Soros, has called the Nazi smear a “slander.”


Roseanne’s Twitter Tantrum Repeats George Soros Smears – The New York Times

In an exchange with Chelsea Clinton, Ms. Barr falsely accused Mr. Soros, 87, of being a Nazi “who turned in his fellow Jews 2 be murdered in German concentration camps & stole their wealth.”

Writing in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Omer Bartov, a professor of European history at Brown University, challenges Yale historian Timothy Snyder's Black Earth:

Any reader of diaries and accounts by survivors will be struck by the fact that Jews escaping the Germans found themselves in an overwhelmingly hostile environment. The most common responses by neighbors and strangers were indifference, plunder, physical and sexual abuse, humiliation, denunciation, and murder. The second is that while almost all Jews who survived were helped by gentiles, more often than not the rescues entailed bribery and exploitation, as well as promises (not always fulfilled) of material gain after the war. Indeed, common rescuers were far more conventional, and far less saintly, than they appear in Snyder’s depiction.

Shoah is a 1985 French documentary film about the Holocaust, directed by Claude Lanzmann. It’s over nine hours long and took eleven years to make. The film presents Lanzmann’s first-hand interviews with survivors, witnesses and perpetrators across 14 countries.

After watching “Shoah”, Roger Ebert wrote: “There is no proper response to this film. It is an enormous fact, a 550-minute howl of pain and anger in the face of genocide. It is one of the noblest films ever made.”

The BBC as part of its “Witness” podcast series interviewed Irena Steinfeldt, who worked with Lanzmann on the film. Steinfeld now serves as Director of the Department for the Righteous Among the Nations at Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust museum in Jerusalem. This podcast contributes to the history of the making of this valuable documentary.

BBC Witness Podcast

Katrin Bennhold has written a fascinating and well researched piece in The New York Times describing Facebook's efforts in Germany to delete hate speech from the site.

Facebook's Berlin “deletion center” has 1,200 content moderators spread over five floors of a large office building:

In the country of the Holocaust, the commitment against hate speech is as fierce as the commitment to free speech. Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” is only available in an annotated version. Swastikas are illegal. Inciting hatred is punishable by up to five years in jail.

Even so, not all Germans support the effort:

The far-right Alternative of Germany, a noisy and prolific user of social media, has been quick to proclaim “the end of free speech.”Human rights organizations have warned that the legislation was inspiring authoritarian governments to copy it.

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivered the commencement speech at the Virginia Military Institute on May 16, 2018 stressing that “America’s future be fact-based, not based on wishful thinking:


On May 15, 2018, The Washington Post reported that the Trump administration is making preparations to hold immigrant children on military bases. The bases would be used for minors under 18 who arrive at the border without an adult relative or after the government has separated them from their parents. This would split up families who cross the border illegally.

Apple pundit John Gruber commented:

Let’s not mince words. What they’re describing here are called concentration camps. For children, forcibly separated from their parents.

The Local reports that Auschwitz trial files have been designated UNESCO heritage documents. The 1963-1965 trial of 22 Nazi officials who ran the Auschwitz death camp marked a turning point when Germans started prosecuting their own people for their role in Holocaust.